We live in a world where we are taught to first turn to modern medicine as a solution for our ailments, even though these prescriptions rarely bring full body healing. Are we destined to rely on medications and therapies that only lessen our symptoms instead of heal our bodies?

Soma, a Hebrew word meaning “body” or “flesh”, is about holistic approaches to healing physically, mentally, spiritually, & emotionally.

The Author

Michaela is a care aid from Vancouver, British Columbia, who strongly believes that it is possible to heal and grow beyond the modern limitations that the mainstream world has placed on us. While she is at the beginning of her healing journey, she has gleaned wisdom on holistic health and wellness from her research and her health guru boyfriend. (Check out his blog at Evolutionary Life Architecture.) As part of her health journey, Michaela is very passionate about caring for others, specifically seniors, & she looks forward to delving deep into this area of her career.

For more Soma health information, tips, and fun, follow Michaela on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest!



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