It seems so obvious to say this, but mold is quite toxic for the human body. And even though it seems on-the-nose, most people don’t realize this. I didn’t know how bad mold really was until my boyfriend started pointing me towards the research.

Mold on or exposed to our food, mold in our walls, mold in our shower grout, mold anywhere, can be so harmful that repeated exposure can cause life-altering side effects.

Don’t believe me?

Watch Dave Asprey‘s documentary on mold. It’s less than an hour and it will blow your mind wide open to the toxic effects of mold. In addition, Dave lists resources for combating this sometimes invisible killer. 

I’m in a difficult spot right now because I’m not living in my own house. So, unfortunately, I’m faced with a plethora of dust (ugh), pet dander (double ugh), and mold (triple ugh). I noticed that my private bathroom was housing mold in the shower and I made it my mission to eradicate it. With a mask on my face and gloves on my hands,  I scrubbed, and scrubbed, and sprayed the entire shower down with white vinegar, a great natural disinfectant. I now consistently spray my shower down with vinegar to keep the mold at bay.

While I’m proud of this progress, I’m also aware that mold spores are invisible and they are probably clinging to the ceiling or they are deeper inside the walls and grout. Hopefully in a year I’ll be able to live in my own house again and be more in control of environment contaminants. Until then, I can only do the best I can!

Happy de-molding and feel free to let me know how your progress is going!

♥ Michaela


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