Book Review: Still Alice by Lisa Genova

I heard about this book from watching the movie trailer on youtube. It seemed interesting to me, but it slipped out of my mind quite easily. However, while I was perusing books in a thrift store, I found this gem. Recently I went on a camping trip on the Sunshine Coast, BC, with my boyfriend and I brought this book along. Little did I know how quickly I would fall in love with it.

Still Alice is about Alice, a Harvard professor in her fifties who is diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s. This book chronicles the fictional tale of Alice’s progression into the illness and how she manages to cope with this tragic disease.

As a caregiver to the elderly and someone who has a passion specifically for those with Alzheimer’s and dementia, my attention was completely captivated by Still Alice and it was very difficult to put it down. This novel is quite beautiful in the telling of Alice’s story and the accurate depiction of the progression of Alzheimer’s. It was simultaneously tragic and uplifting reading how Alzheimer’s affected every aspect of Alice’s life, from her career, to her family, to her every day life. I gasped aloud, teared up, and laughed along with the mountains and the inevitable valleys that Alzheimer’s brings.

If you’re looking for a moving book that is easy to read, but is quite deep, I would highly recommend Still Alice. (Side note: based on the trailer, I have a hunch that the book is much better than the movie.)

♥ Michaela


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